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Hello, we are
Natural One!

We came to offer a more natural and healthy life.

That’s why we create exclusive blends of 100% natural juices, without preservatives, additives, dyes or artificial flavors.

All this for you to experience a little bit of nature with every sip.

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Our story began in 2014, in Brazil, when Ricardo Ermírio de Moraes founded Natural One with the dream of changing the reality of beverage consumption in Brazil and worldwide.

Natural One is inspired by the variety of Brazilian nature and is always looking for the best suppliers of fruits and vegetables, which are selected based on strict quality standards – in addition to always bringing the best technology to preserve all the freshness of the juices.

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There are over 15 flavors sold around the globe, in recyclable packaging, and many more fruit and vegetable drinks in development.

Our commitment is to continue offering the best of Brazilian natural and healthy beverages to thousands of people around the world with lots of creativity, high-end technology and ultimate respect for nature, our main inspiration.

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From Brazil to the world

Natural One is strongly increasing its presence in countries all over the globe. Our technology, expertise, quality and fresh fruits and vegetables provide us the ability to cross oceans and deliver safe, delicious and 8 months shelf-life products.

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Do you know how we create such fresh juices?

Squeezing pure juice from
fruits and vegetables

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Squeezing pure juice from fruits and vegetables

We work with the best growers in Brazil, who select fruits and vegetables with great care. Afterwards, our high-end machines squeeze the fruits to extract the pure flavor of the juice. Some fruits, such as oranges and lemons, are squeezed in our factory in Brazil; the others are sent to our specialized partners, who squeeze them and send us fresh juices.

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Filling bottles

With pure fruit juice, we proceed to the cold filling process, which maintains the temperature between 1 °C and 4 °C to preserve the nutritional characteristics and freshness of the crops. That prevents any proliferation of microorganisms and prolongs our product´s shelf life to 8 months, retaining the delicious taste of our 100% natural juices.

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And when the juice needs to be a little sweeter, do you know what we do?

Add a little more fruit! Thus, we guarantee tastier and healthier juices, without added sugars or preservatives.


Flavors and Blends

We have over 15 flavors of natural juices available at room temperature or refrigerated. Using state-of-the-art technology, we have managed to preserve all the nutrients, freshness and aroma of fruits and vegetables.

Refrigerated line laranja

Refrigerated line

It brings more sensitive ingredients that need the chill to preserve their natural characteristics and maintain maximum freshness, flavor and nutrients without preservatives.

Refrigerated line goiaba

Unrefrigerated Line

Contains fruits that stay fresh even away from the fridge, until the bottle is opened. To ensure this, we use stronger packaging and a unique filling process, without preservatives.

Doing our part for the planet

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We have sustainability in our DNA and a connection
with nature since the origins of Natural One.

How do we make a difference?


284 tons

of compost waste transformed into organic fertilizersin an constant project


385 TONS

of sludge destined for composting, part of our NO WASTE policy


Over 73 thousand m³

of recycled effluents, which returned to nature as renewed water


Over 3463 tons

of recycled packaging in an ongoing partnership with


We follow the concept of impact management and environmental compensation for packaging to adapt to the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS).**

**registration made in 2021

Certified Quality Assurance:

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FSSC 22000

It certifies food safety management to the international standards required by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and integrates the ISO 22000 rules of the production chain.

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We are committed to ethical, responsible, conscious and effective production, based on positive and constructive practices in the company and in food production.

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It proves that our products are suitable for consumption by Muslim people who embrace this tradition all over the world.

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We are proud to use the eureciclo stamp. In 4 years of partnership, we have already accounted for more than 3463 tons of recycled packaging. We are committed to environmental compensation, recycling packages of the same weight and material for each product sold.

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There is a juice for every moment of your day! Now that you know a little more about our process, how about experiencing nature in you?

Nature is really fascinating!

There are so many colors, textures, and flavors that we are inspired to create with it! First, we created a way to bring all the freshness and richness of fruits and vegetables to our 100% natural juices. Then, we couldn’t stop anymore and started to invent different combinations. And every day we think of new ways to lead a healthy life for more and more people! So, when you open the green cap of a Natural One, close your eyes and feel what only nature can give you!

Natural One. Experience the nature in you.


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Have questions or comments? Reach Natural One Consumer Care via message below.

Do you have a problem with the quality of one of your products? Please call the Consumer Center at 1-885-705-7238

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